Trail through grass and trees.

One advantage to having yaks or other large animals wandering in our woods and pastures is how they cut and maintain walking trails through brush and high grasses.

Truck Deliverying Hay

The day after dealing with a flat tire, I received a more pleasant reminder of how self-sufficiency often involves relying on others. It began with a knock on the door […]

Yak cow with newborn calf

I figured our cow, Makenzie, had another week or so before calving. But when I didn’t see the herd come up for water this morning, I walked around to look […]

9 Photos of Yak Calves

Our two yak calves are both bulls. We’ve named them Zephyr and Zigzag. Here are some of our favorite photos so far.

Our lead yak Dori with newborn
Dori and her newborn

I woke at dawn to see our lead yak, Dori, pushing out this beauty. The calf stood and began suckling within thirty minutes after birth.