Photo of new tires

My obsession with self-sufficiency often leads me into the trap of thinking I should know how to do everything. And if I don’t know, I should learn how. Then I’m caught off guard by an emergency.

Gundruk Saves the Day

Rain.  Day before last, it was relentless.  We had a reprieve yesterday, and I got some planting done, but most of my garden is flooded and impossible to work.  I’m […]

Building the Yurt

It’s easy to be impatient at the pace of progress of in our yurt living adventure. We still need indoor plumbing, shelving, walls on the porch….

Living off-grid in a yurt is mostly wonderful, at least this time of year. I know that spending time in such a beautiful place is a luxury not everyone can afford. So please understand, I’m not complaining….

Coyote Calling

It was the howling and yipping of coyotes on the edge of the Grande Ronde canyon a few years ago that confirmed for me a need to get closer to the wild….