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A stack of books

Tabitha Jensen-Blankenbiller invited me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour. She and I met at a Tin House workshop with the fabulous Jo Ann Beard in July. Tabitha…

Coming Soon From Seal Press...

While the Gods Were Sleeping: A Journey Through Love and Rebellion in Nepal is the story of an American anthropologist and feminist who becomes pregnant abroad in 1987, perseveres through prejudice and self-doubt to try a home birth in her husband’s Nepali village and discovers allies among local rebels fighting for change….

Leaving the Nest

I am honored, thrilled (and, I must admit, a little bit scared) to have been accepted to two major writing conferences. Not only that, but I received scholarships for each:…

Seal Press Offers Publication

I’m thrilled and honored to announce that I’ve won the She Writes to Seal Press Publishing Contest. Seal Press will be offering me a publishing contract for Night of Vishnu:…

Two Books

For several years, I’ve obsessed over a project I’ve been calling Sacred Threads — a memoir on my complicated relationship with Nepal. I thought it would be one book. Unfortunately, it grew too long to be marketable, especially for a first time author. Fortunately, I now see how to break the narrative into two books….

Cultural Anthropology

Long ago (1994), I wrote and published an essay in Cultural Anthropology titled “Beyond Writing: Feminism and the Limitations of Ethnography.” Now, Cultural Anthropology is featuring that essay (and an interview) among four others (as well as some fine short stories) in a curated collection on Literature, Writing and Anthropology.

Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Last week, I found my name on a list of Pushcart Prize nominees at The Gettysburg Review. I published “Natural Births,” a chapter from Sacred Threads, in their Spring 2009 issue….


It’s wonderful to have more and more pieces published online and in-print. But it also feels a bit disembodied. If I’m lucky, I may exchange a few emails or have a phone conversation with an editor. I never meet the others whose pieces share the same binding with me. It’s all understandable given how busy the world is, but still odd….

Nature Writing

I’ve published (or will soon have published) six pieces over the last year of full-time writing, but the lyric essay – “A Nature Lover’s Phobia” – posted online in Fringe…


The Gettysburg Review, Spring 2009 Flu has laid me low for the last few days.   But getting the Spring 2009 edition of The Gettysburg Review cheered me.  It includes…