Temptation in the Apple Trees

Last week, I spent an afternoon in the old apple orchard to check out the bird nesting scene. The cows found this fascinating….

Wren Independence Day

The house wrens nesting on our yurt porch chose this morning, the 4th of July, to shoo their young ones out of the nest.

How I Rescued a Baby Bird

At night out here, coyotes yip and owls hoot.  By day, hawks and rattlesnakes patrol the canyons.  More elusive predators – cougars, bears, bobcats, maybe even wolves – are probably […]

On the Delights of Chipping Sparrows

A number of small, brown songbirds have enlivened my spring and early summer on a daily basis. One is the chipping sparrow (Spizella passerina) […]