Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve been hiding from my blogging duties for awhile….

Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Last week, I found my name on a list of Pushcart Prize nominees at The Gettysburg Review. I published “Natural Births,” a chapter from Sacred Threads, in their Spring 2009 issue….

First Wednesday Reading at Blackbird Wineshop

On Wednesday, April 7 from 7-9 pm, I’ll be joining Peter Sears, Jackie Shannon-Hollis and Brian Christopher for a reading and wine-tasting co-hosted by Oregon Literary Review and Blackbird Wine Shop in Portland, Oregon….

Another Bovine Poem Finds a Home

The High Desert Journal has accepted another poem of mine, this time for Issue 11 of their print journal, due out in April. Although it doesn’t focus exclusively on cows, my sestina, “Now That I’ve Moved Inland,” does feature them in every stanza….

Another Poem Finds a Home

I had my first poem published in January and am proud to announce that another poem, “What the Photo Shows,” has been accepted for publication….

Memories of International Women's Day in Nepal

Four months after I gave birth to my son in Nepal, I celebrated my very first International Women’s Day in 1988 in Gunjanagar, a village in western Chitwan District. It was also Gunjangar’s first time to organize an event for that day. I describe the scene in Sacred Threads, my ethnographic memoir-in-progress….

How I Grabbed My Poetry Career by the Horns

I’m honored that my first poem ever to be published — “In the Flat Field” — is in The High Desert Journal. It’s a fabulous regional publication that showcases writing rooted in the Interior West of North America….

Celebrate the Solstice with Laughter

I began blogging a year ago by reflecting on the challenges of Balancing Work and Play. I still haven’t figured that out, but I know what helps with that and with surviving this dark season: humor….

More recent successes in publishing my literary nonfiction: The Raven Chronicles has accepted a condensed and modified chapter from my ethnographic memoir, Sacred Threads, for publication.  “Meeting my Future in…

Literary Rejections I'm Grateful For

It’s easy for an emerging writer like myself to become obsessed with rejection. That’s mostly what comes back from all the packets I mail or documents I upload with a hopeful, electronic click….

Ama: My Greatest Teacher

Growing food this summer in northeast Oregon, I relied on all that I’ve learned over the years from books, conversations, observations, and personal experience. But I probably heard Ama’s voice more than any other….

On Opium

My lyric essay, “Three Signs of Maturity,” has been published on Opium Magazine’s online edition. Parents of grown-up children might find it particularly interesting….


It’s wonderful to have more and more pieces published online and in-print. But it also feels a bit disembodied. If I’m lucky, I may exchange a few emails or have a phone conversation with an editor. I never meet the others whose pieces share the same binding with me. It’s all understandable given how busy the world is, but still odd….

Mastering the Art of a Tweet

Bored with coughing and sniffling last week, I began surfing the web to sample various social networks.  I’ve spent the last few months learning how to use WordPress and its…

Nature Writing

I’ve published (or will soon have published) six pieces over the last year of full-time writing, but the lyric essay – “A Nature Lover’s Phobia” – posted online in Fringe…


The Gettysburg Review, Spring 2009 Flu has laid me low for the last few days.   But getting the Spring 2009 edition of The Gettysburg Review cheered me.  It includes…