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A page from Lonely Planet Nepal listing five recommended books on "Nepal Today."

A writer friend traveling in Nepal sent me this photo from a page in Lonely Planet’s current guide to the country. I’m honored to see While the Gods Were Sleeping […]

Tomatoes in an uncovered hoophouse.

The garden has been slowly freezing out this week. It’s not unexpected, of course.

Sidewalk view of Bookloft

Confession: My book launched two weeks ago, and I’m just beginning to grasp the potential of that much talked about, but often misunderstood, word: “platform.”

A stack of books waiting to be signed

My first book releases from Seal Press in exactly two weeks, and once again I start the day by scanning my to-do list, adding more items than I cross out

In May, I posted about my author headshot misadventures. I had fun writing that. What I didn’t reveal then was how playing with that humorous piece helped me face the […]

Homemade bread rolls

Part of the reason I sought out a publisher rather than trying to self-publish was that I knew I didn’t want to transform a rough manuscript into a book all by myself.

Rejected headshot of Elizabeth Enslin

I figured the scariest part of publishing While the Gods Were Sleeping would be receiving critical feedback from editors or negotiating cover design. But, no. So far, the task that has filled me with the greatest dread has been the author headshot.