Off-Grid Living

A collection of posts on our off-grid life including how-tos and musings on internet, electrical systems, strawbale houses, yurts, solar power and more. Many posts are still in my private blog and will be made public over time as I edit and attach photos. Check back soon if you don’t find what you’re looking for yet.

Workspace View

All summer, I looked forward to my new writing room in the strawbale house we’re building.  I figured it would still need some work, but it would be good enough […]

Where I Write...

More like, “Where I Try to Write.” I’m about to head back to the city for the winter. As much as I’m looking forward to an indoor toilet and indoor shower, I’m also longing for a private writing space (…)

Shower Under the Apple Tree

People often ask me what it’s like to live in a yurt. I try to explain that much of the living goes on around the yurt rather than in it. […]

Building the Yurt

It’s easy to be impatient at the pace of progress of in our yurt living adventure. We still need indoor plumbing, shelving, walls on the porch….

Dealing With My Own Sh--

I’d like to keep this a family friendly blog, but what else should I call it? Feces? Excrement? Waste? Poo? They all sound too distant, clinical or childish. It’s so easy to refer to it in euphemisms when clean water washes it far away, into rivers, oceans, or sewage treatment plants. But when you have to figure out how to deal with it yourself, it turns to shit….

My Remote Office

The dilapidated house is home to many packrats, a frog that lives in the old stove, a few birds, and many wasps. But the phone line goes to the house (and thanks to Jerry’s engineering now goes to the shady side), so that’s where I do my online work. It’s a lovely quarter mile walk from the yurt….