A collection of posts and other tidbits on Nepal — mostly on gender and women, progressive politics, innovative nonprofits, volunteer tourism, landlessness, biodiversity and sustainability, agroecology, permaculture, food and recipes, appropriate technology and energy, human rights, ethnography and history, and anything else that interests me.

My contributions: Troubled by lack of media attention given to Nepali first responders, I wrote this piece for The Huffington Post: “Communities Take the Lead on Earthquake Response in Nepal.”…

Gundruk Saves the Day

Rain.  Day before last, it was relentless.  We had a reprieve yesterday, and I got some planting done, but most of my garden is flooded and impossible to work.  I’m…

Memories of International Women's Day in Nepal

Four months after I gave birth to my son in Nepal, I celebrated my very first International Women’s Day in 1988 in Gunjanagar, a village in western Chitwan District. It was also Gunjangar’s first time to organize an event for that day. I describe the scene in Sacred Threads, my ethnographic memoir-in-progress….

Ama: My Greatest Teacher

Growing food this summer in northeast Oregon, I relied on all that I’ve learned over the years from books, conversations, observations, and personal experience. But I probably heard Ama’s voice more than any other….