Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir on the top of Mt. Tabor

After a busy day of dealing with car repairs and shopping for Thanksgiving food, I didn’t want to walk the dog in our nearby park. I really didn’t. (…)

Looking towards apple orchard and canyon
Looking towards apple orchard and canyon

A photograph of the first snow of the season in eastern Oregon mountains.

More Chipping Sparrows

Last week,  I mentioned a late nest of chipping sparrows in a small tree near our parking area.  Now I have some pictures.  You can see how tiny the tree…

Mystery Eggs Update

I’m in Central Oregon this week with a steady wi-fi connection, so I can begin to catch up on some internet work, including long overdue reports on the latest bird…

Mystery Eggs Hatched

The eggs hidden in the rusty tool box have hatched. Hatchlings hoping the camera will feed them. Haven’t been able to spot the parents yet. If anyone knows what species…

Pacific Tree Frog

In a post several months ago, I pondered where Pacific tree frogs go after breeding in watery places.  I don’t have a general answer for that question, but I found…