Animal Encounters

How to Move Rattlesnakes Humanely

We don’t bother the Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes that live on the wilder parts of our property. It’s easy enough to walk around them. But when they appear near our yurt and garden, it’s a little close for comfort (…)

Temptation in the Apple Trees

Last week, I spent an afternoon in the old apple orchard to check out the bird nesting scene. The cows found this fascinating….

Wren Independence Day

The house wrens nesting on our yurt porch chose this morning, the 4th of July, to shoo their young ones out of the nest.

What I Loathe and Adore About the Bushy-Tailed Woodrat

Tomorrow, we drive to NE Oregon to spend a week or so in our yurt (and a few other places). The creature I fear most on this trip is not the cougar, wolf or porcupine. It’s much smaller. Most females and the younger males of the species could fit into the palm of my hand….

Townsend's Big-Eared Bat Hides in the Closet

On our Northeast Oregon property, we have an old house that’s rotting. It has little historic or architectural value, so we’ve been leaning towards tearing it down. Then my nephew, Gerek, found the bat in the closet….

Great Horned Owls Make Strange Noises

I first heard the strange noises in late June: whistling squawks that sounded like sea gulls five hundred miles off course. The calls began at sundown every evening and continued throughout the night. I couldn’t imagine what besides an owl would make so much noise after dark. But owls hoot. Right? Couldn’t possibly be owls, I thought….

How I Rescued a Baby Bird

At night out here, coyotes yip and owls hoot.  By day, hawks and rattlesnakes patrol the canyons.  More elusive predators – cougars, bears, bobcats, maybe even wolves – are probably […]