Yak Calves Show Their Personalities

Zigzag, Zeno, and Zephyr: I call our bull calves the three Zs. They’ve formed their own mini-herd and do everything together now. They were napping when I delivered a pumpkin to the pigs. As I walked back, I saw them all standing at attention, watching my every move. Three yak calves

They were also watching their mamas, who were grazing down the slope. I snapped photos as their heads flipped back and forth.

Three yak calves watching their mamas

As I walked back, the two older calves bounded toward me, begging for scratches. Zeno isn’t as trusting. He’s two months younger and got pushed around a lot as a baby.  He’s more wary. Since we’ll probably let him grow up to be a breeding bull, that aloofness is a fine quality. The older two may be a bit too friendly to remain intact. But they could make excellent packing/pulling steers.  We’ll have to make some decisions soon.

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