Baquette truck in rural Lorraine

At a social gathering last night, a neighbor and I talked of the coming winter, the heavy snows last winter, the joys and frustrations of getting snowed in, and the importance of stocking up.

Various winter squashes

Every year is different squash-wise. Last year, we had an abundance of sweet meats, spaghetti squash and banana squash (only a few of which are shown in the photo below). […]

Truck Deliverying Hay

The day after dealing with a flat tire, I received a more pleasant reminder of how self-sufficiency often involves relying on others. It began with a knock on the door […]

Photo of new tires

My obsession with self-sufficiency often leads me into the trap of thinking I should know how to do everything. And if I don’t know, I should learn how. Then I’m caught off guard by an emergency.

Three yak calves

Zigzag, Zeno, and Zephyr: I call our bull calves the three Zs. They’ve formed their own mini-herd and do everything together now. They were napping when I delivered a pumpkin […]