1. What a boon to find a companion in your task, a thoughtful reinforcement to why your stories matter. Wishing you continued strength!

  2. Elizabeth Enslin

    Thanks for your support, Deb. I’m trying to use my blog more for half-baked musings like this. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. I love the musings, Elizabeth! I struggle with this one too, but I come down on the side of wanting ten thousand stories to be told instead of only one or two. There are ways of writing about others that do appropriate–and simplistic tales come to mind as often fitting easily into this category. But tales of true engagement, where learning happens on everybody’s part–let’s keep them coming!

  4. Elizabeth Enslin

    Thanks, Priscilla. I agree about coming down on the side of “ten thousand stories instead of one or two.” The problem for some corners of the world (or some species or some marginalized topics) is that just a handful of stories – and they tend to be the simplistic ones – dominate. So, yes, let’s keep writing and getting those nuanced tales of engagement out there.

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