Athletic Writing

Writing Inspiration comes this week from Arundhati Roy as interviewed by Amitava Kumar for Guernica Magazine.  I admire so much of what she says about writing, politics, the relation between the two. I particularly love this:

Look at the Kathakali dancer, the ease with which he can shift gears within a story—from humor to epiphany, from bestiality to tenderness, from the epic to the intimate—that ability, that range, is what I really admire. To me it’s that ease—it’s a kind of athleticism—like watching a beautiful, easy runner—a cheetah on the move—that is proof of the fitness of the storyteller.

It sums up what I’ve been aiming for in my writing over the last few years and what I love in the work of others. I tried to describe it in a post several years ago: If I Can’t Laugh, I Don’t Want to Be in Your Revolution.  Similar idea, different words and imagery.

I took Roy’s advice and explored Kathakali dance to understand her metaphor more specifically. This clip illustrates something of it.

Good stuff.

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