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  1. Priscilla
    Priscilla at |

    Elizabeth, this is gorgeous! I love every one of the photos. Am struck by your line, “It’s not about cuteness.” The same exact words I wrote in the chapter I’m slogging through at the moment. My dilemma was a red fox kit that was euthanized at a rehab center I worked at because he could not be released back into the California wild to threaten the habitat of native gray foxes. It wasn’t about cuteness–and yet the law seemed peremptory, somehow off. Am trying to write my way toward understanding. Not sure I’m succeeding…. I love your post title too.

  2. Mike B.
    Mike B. at |

    Love the post! Great shots. Did you stick around to see whether the snake succeeded?

    I got a very similar shot of a nuthatch peering out of their tree nest this week!

  3. arati
    arati at |

    love the title and the pictures! must have been a fascinating afternoon :)

  4. Deb
    Deb at |

    A thoughtful post, illustrated with nice photos. It’s hard to resist cuteness, as we all know. But I am partial to red-heads, and snakes. :-)

  5. Joan
    Joan at |

    Wonderful photos. You are lucky to be able to find the nests. Our woods are so large, we don’t stand much chance of finding them unless we’re really lucky. The snake is a reminder that life in the wild isn’t so wonderful at times.

  6. Jan Axel
    Jan Axel at |

    JA JA JA JA, now I also think that I should look around to see if a cougar (or a jaguar… I live in Panamá) is stalking me while birding!

  7. Bernard Brown
    Bernard Brown at |

    Great post – I usually don’t hear about bull snakes/gopher snakes climbing trees, but I guess the nests were just that tempting.

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