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  1. Lelo
    Lelo at |

    Wow. Rattlesnake! I have to admit I’ve never encountered that in my urban Portland garden.

    You cold frame is so impressive. And I never knew Hubbards grew so huge.

    I hear ya about the tomatoes. I don’t think you can have too many. Can you?!

  2. Liz M
    Liz M at |

    ACK SNAKE!!!! ( I’m in NE Oregon…we have a lot of em…haven’t met one yet…happily!

  3. jason
    jason at |

    Since I deplore eggplant, I’m happy with the rattlesnake being there. What a marvelous find in the garden! Though down here (in Texas) gardens usually mean coral snakes instead (hence most people are bitten on or between the fingers).

    And I keep going back to the tomatoes. They look so succulent; I just want to grab one and eat it like an apple.

  4. rallentanda
    rallentanda at |

    October is mating season for snakes here.They are very aggressive at this time of year.We have ways of keeping snakes away from the house…but I wont bore you
    with details as you dont have a lot of poisonous ones.Everything kills you here…the worst is the insects …spiders and ticks…never mind! Now about those frost cases
    you made…they look good but you could have done the same thing by just turning plastic pots upside down over the plants. Don’t know what you water supply is like
    …but I swear by wet newspaper and heaped straw mulch …do you know about permaculture?

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