In Praise of Walla Walla Sweets

In other gardens, I haven’t had much luck with bulbing onions.  Rationing bed space in small spaces, I lavished most of my attention on more flashy vegetables: tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, corn.

Walla Walla Sweet and friends: destined for the grill.
Walla Walla Sweet and friends: destined for the grill.

But this year with plenty of space, I tried several different varieties of bulbing onions.   With our short season and all the work we had to get our garden started, I cheated and bought transplants from Irish Eyes Garden Seeds.

I harvested the first Walla Walla Sweet the other day and grilled it with some zucchini and my first picking of green peppers.  There’s no going back now. The first bite from that garden fresh orb made me want to recite Pablo Neruda’s, “Ode to an Onion.” The second made me imagine it as a full-blown song and dance number delivered to the rising half moon.

Seeds, transplants: it doesn’t matter. From now on, I’ll make room for Walla Walla Sweets in my garden.

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